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    Most people can’t resist the undeniable cuteness of an animal Christmas card. So whether you’re sending Christmas cards to family and friends or building professional relationships with customers, coworkers, and employees, animal Christmas cards are a great option.

    Wildlife Christmas Card Designs

    You can choose from all sorts of wildlife Christmas card designs with your favorite members of the animal kingdom then add customizations like your name, company name, logo, verse, signatures, as well as additional graphics and photographs – you can even add pictures of your pets. Also offered are funny animal Christmas cards, or you can capture more sentimental Christmas wishes with the sweetest animals adorned in cute Christmas gear. There are polar bears making snow angels, reindeer graphics, puppies in Santa hats, kittens drinking milk, horses pulling carriages, all sorts of holiday birds like penguins, doves, and cardinals, along with many more.

    National Wildlife Christmas Cards

    Proceeds for some wildlife holiday cards will go to the National Wildlife Federation; click here to view them. Animal charity holiday cards will bring joy to not only your recipients but many wonderful and majestic creatures. National Wildlife Christmas cards are a great way to really spread the joy this season.

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